Meet Thomas & Rebecca

"I am not a shopper by nature, but it is nice to know I am less than ½ an hour from some major malls should I get the urge!"
Rebecca Green

"The highest elevation we hit was just over 10,000 feet, not bad for a boy from the Prairies with a fear of heights."
Thomas Green

Ask Thomas Green what is most important in his life and you might be surprised with his answer, bonds. "Yes, bonds. The bonds we share with family and friends, with nature and yes, even with technology.There is so much tied up in such a little word. Reminds me of that saying, the ties that bind." As a successful business man, husband and father he knows full well the importance of acting upon a firm foundation.

The Ties That Bind
Both Thomas and Rebecca grew up in the city, but have deep agricultural roots. In the late 1990's they decided to leave Saskatchewan and start a new life in Alberta. Here again it was those very ties that made Calgary the obvious choice." It is central to Thomas's daughters Alison and Kelly both living and working in Vancouver and to Thomas's mother in Regina and Rebecca's parents in Saskatoon. "We knew that compared to the opportunities in B.C., the chances that the girls would move back to Saskatchewan were slim and we wanted to settle closer to them, offers Rebecca". "They are both still committed Vancouverites", admits Thomas. "But we are working on them". Alberta's economy continues to lead the nation and this environment is perfect for a dedicated professional like Thomas Green.

Live Your Dream
While they enjoy the benefits that living close to a major center has, country living is definitely their preference. Living on acreage just south of Calgary has proven to be the best of both worlds. "I am not a shopper by nature, but it is nice to know I am less than ½ hour from some major malls should the urge move me. For me the biggest thrill is to have my morning coffee and look out at the mountains, right from my living room window!" declares Rebecca.

Riding High
Together Thomas and Rebecca also enjoy trail riding in the mountains. This past summer they took what both would admit was an "extreme" riding adventure "The highest elevation we hit was just over 10,000 feet, not bad for a boy from Saskatchewan with a fear of heights" beams Thomas. They spent a full week in a little piece of heaven.


Do What You Love
Beyond enjoying equine pursuits, most weekends will find Thomas and Rebecca entertaining friends in their home. "It's one of the side benefits of his business. We meet some really great people and often what starts as a client relationship turns to friendship. I have heard it said many times that find something that you truly enjoy, and you will be successful, that pretty much sums it up for Thomas." He is quick to agree, "There is nothing like the feeling I get from seeing a family through the relocation process from the beginning to the end. When they walk through the door of their new house, the look on their faces, the excitement, they know they're home and I played a part in that".

The Perfect Combination
While not a licensed realtor, Rebecca enjoys meeting new friends. Many weekends will find her at the Calgary Airport, serving up a home cooked meal, or checking up on recently settled families to make sure that everyone is getting along okay. "I understand how stressful relocating can be. Sometimes a simple gesture of hospitality can help make the transition to a new environment easier on the entire family. It's no wonder that Thomas has developed a loyal and growing list of families who count on him to make what can be a stressful event something to look forward to.

The Name To Trust
So if you're planning on moving from half way around the world or just around the corner, call Thomas Green. If you have any questions about buying or selling real estate or just want to know more about what makes the Calgary area so terrific, he's your man. Let him help you live your dream.